EU Green deal & circular economy 

The European Green Deal is the most ambitious political programme by the EU. It is a new growth strategy aiming at transforming the EU into a fair, modern and sustainable economy. In brief, the Green Deal is about a green and digital transformation – and this is what we support. We promote discussions on how the EU meets the Green Deal goals, transitioning towards circular business models, enabled by digital solutions.

PLASTIC, microplastics & textiles

Plastics have played a central role in the global economy. Being so ubiquitous through, plastics are also filing up oceans and landfill sites. We encourage the sharing of ideas addressing similar issues, including textile pollution, and other materials. We promote the use of digital technologies to track, trace and map out the (re-)use of resources and the content of recycled materials in products.

Agri tech & sustainable food

In line with the objectives of the EU Green Deal and the Sustainable Development Goals, we support the digitalisation of agricultural enterprises and rural communities, and promote sustainable models in the food sector supply chain, including food contact materials and packaging. This is done among our extensive network including start-ups, innovators, experts both in the EU and outside Europe. 

digital health 

The healthcare sector is experiencing a fast transformation, embracing digital and AI solutions, and acknowledging the importance of greener health solutions. We support the role of e-health and the use of AI as an instrument to help reducing inequalities between countries, ensuring faster and better access to healthcare, by gathering experts and promoting the sustainability of the healthcare sector.

Our Mission

About us

We are an Information Hub for our stimulating network and group of innovators helping companies and start-ups at navigating EU environmental policies.

How we make a difference

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The value of our Network

We are expanding the idea of the “EU Brussels’ Bubble” and facilitating a better participation and exchange of information in an independent way. 

Our Vision

We support the environmental transition towards circular business models, providing inclusive economic opportunities in view of the global SDGs.

Our Expertise

We are innovative and multicultural with different backgrounds and we support trust and the empowerment of our network through its high level expertise.