Chair of Green Innovation Network, Federica Rizzo, will be a speaker of 2 June 2022 Assent Evolve virtual Conference on “Product Compliance, Sustainability & ESG: How It’s All Connected”.

Complex manufacturers can’t go to market without product compliance, but it’s not the only supply chain consideration to be aware of. Sustainability is now a business imperative as companies are being held accountable for their total supply chain impacts. The intense focus on ESG, human rights due diligence, and sustainable practices means deep, defensible data from your supply chain is more important now than ever. To manage these demands effectively, manufacturers should align their ESG and compliance teams to launch their greater supply chain sustainability efforts.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to bring out the best in your product compliance programs and ESG efforts, and why both efforts are part of the same sustainability journey.
  • How to elevate supplier engagement, get smarter insights, and gain deeper, more defensible data by optimizing the way sustainability professionals and product compliance specialists work together.
  • Why suppliers and part information are crucial to supply chain sustainability management.
  • How ESG professionals can use product compliance as a foundation to tackle the complex challenges of supply chain sustainability.

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