Chemical Watch 17 December 2020 #EUGreenDeal #DigitalProductPassport

The Commission proposes the European Circular Dataspace in order to introduce digital product passports, with which companies provide information about the product, including the chemicals and materials it contains.  

During the European Commission’s consultation on the roadmap for Sustainable Product Initiative (SPI), eBay has asked to the European Commission a legal protection for companies and SMEs with “little capacity to engage in legal conflicts” from manufacturers that provide inaccurate or incomplete product information. It should take into account that some new profiles of business are covered by definitions such as “manufacturer”, “importer” or “producer”. It is also necessary to create new responsibilities for SMEs or online platforms that sell but do not manufacture products.

Amazon also said that digital product passports need to be developed with full respect for intellectual property rights and to reduce administrative burdens for businesses.

A public consultation on the proposed Directive is planned for the first quarter of 2021, with adoption expected in the fourth quarter 2021. 

See more at the following link.

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