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9 March 2021

The Commission proposes a Digital Compass to translate the EUʼs digital ambitions for 2030 into concrete terms through four cardinal points:

1) The first one is the digital alfabetization of citizens, targeting 80% of adults in a decade;

2) In second place, it is envisaged the creation of secure, performant and sustainable digital infrastructures to allow all EU households to have have gigabit connectivity and all populated areas should be covered by 5G;

3) In addition, following the agenda of digital transformation of businesses, more than 90% SMEs should reach at least basic level of digital intensity;

4) The last pillar of Digital Compass foresees the digitalisation of public services: by 2030, all key public services should be available online; all citizens will have access to their e-medical records; and 80% citizens should use an eID solution.

See more at the following link.

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