Our aim

We are living a transformation of the World’s Economy where Innovation can help tackle the Environmental-related challenges. 

GrEEn Innovation Network is about promoting the discussion about Environment, Economy and Innovation, focusing on sustainability, circular economy and digital transformation, among people with different backgrounds.

Our Story

We are a group of people with very different backgrounds and expertise, and living in various places in Europe and outside Europe. Back in 2019, we were mostly professionally acquainted, we used to meet at events, conferences etc. in particular, in the context of the well-known EU Bubble” in Brussels.

At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, we found ourselves back to our hometowns or actually stuck in the place where we were supposed to stay only for a limited time. We realised how much we wanted to connect, share information among us to stay in touch and let the conversations on climate change, sustainability and innovation keep going.

We realised that we all had a lot in common, as per our commitment for the environment and interest in new technologies and innovation. In particular, we realised how strongly share our view on the need of a healthy and well-protected environment supporting a Sustainable Society and Economy. Therefore, we decided that it was time to join our strenghts and take the initiative through a new, proactive and more extensive network that could, also, geographically, expand beyond Brussels. 

This is the trailer of “Seaspiracy”, a new documentary on Netflix.

What are we currently doing?

We are currently finalizing our full memberships for start-up, companies, associations and individuals. We are also promoting various activities among the network and we plan to schedule live virtual discussions, each time on a different topic, where we can have the opportunity to meet and interview international experts and representative from national and international institutions.

What can you do?

We look forward to enlarging our network and facilitating the exchange of views and opinions on very important topics. Feel free to take the initiative, send us a message and let us know how you think you may contribute to the network. We are also happy to support an informal basis of open discussions through different channels and our social networks.