The European Commission proposes sustainability and safety criteria for batteries

On 10 December 2020, the European Commission proposes that the current restrictions on the use of hazardous substances in all battery types are extended, as regards mercury and cadmium.

Additional restrictions have been proposed:

  • As of 1 July 2024, rechargeable industrial and electric vehicles batteries with internal storage placed on the EU market will have to be accompanied by a carbon footprint declaration.
  • As of 1 January 2026, those batteries will have to bear a carbon intensity performance class label and from 1 July 2027, they must comply with a certain established carbon footprint thresholds.
  • As of 1 January 2027, industrial and electric-vehicle batteries with internal storage will have to declare the content of recycled cobalt, lead, lithium and nickel contained therein and in the coming years a certain level of recycled content will have to be included in these products.

In addition to the requirements concerning the removability and replaceability of batteries, the EU will introduce safety measures for stationary energy storage systems, in order to allow only compliant products to be placed in the EU market.

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